Herpes zoster disease caused by high levels of stress

Attention, if you are very stressed you may end up suffering from Herpes zoster disease caused by high levels of stress

For people who are stressed very easily this article is of great interest, as there are some diseases that take advantage of high levels of stress to settle in and in this article we will talk about herpes zoster which is caused by the chicken pox virus and benefits of low immunity to arise.

The people most affected by the disease are the elderly and in some cases the patient can suffer serious damage to his health if not treated properly.

Herpes zoster can be incubated for many years, but when it manifests it appears in the nervous ganglion that is next to the spine.

The disease begins with an itch that develops into severe pain at the site, then sores appear on the skin and this is the first symptom of the disease that is considered a viral infection.

According to some famous medical articles people who had chickenpox in childhood can develop the symptoms of the disease as adults, as it is at this time that the virus comes out of the latency period.

The good news is that people who have been vaccinated against chickenpox will not develop the disease under any circumstances, but it is important to know that one of the main causes of herpes zoster is stress, as high levels of stress cause the virus to go out of the state latency and manifest in the human body.

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Over the years, the immune system gets weaker and weaker due to aging, also the use of drugs can favor the virus, the disease can return from time to time and needs to be treated, as it can cause serious damage to internal organs and this happens in people who already have another virus in the body.

For people with HIV, the disease is very dangerous, wreaking havoc on internal organs and damaging the individual’s health.

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