How to create your ‘Avatar’ on Facebook


Facebook launched the ‘Avatars’ function in Brazil, which leaves you with several personalized stickers to be used in conversations and publications. Check out how to create your ‘Avatar’!

Facebook is one of the favorite social networks of Brazilians, offering several resources for its users to be always having fun. This week, Facebook launched the “Avatars” function in Brazil, where users can create some images to express phrases and other common everyday terms.

Despite being launched just yesterday (5), the new feature is already quite successful on the social network and being used by a large number of people. So, not to be left out, check out how to create your “Avatars” on Facebook.

The Avatars feature is being released gradually by Facebook and may not yet be available to everyone. The creation of “Avatars” can only be done by cell phone, that is, it is not possible to create “Avatars” through the Facebook website on the computer, but you can still use them on the PC after they are created.

How to create your “Avatar” on Facebook

The process to create your Avatars on Facebook is quite simple, but the function ends up hidden a little in the social network menus. Look:

1. Access Google Play or the App Store and update Facebook to the latest available version;

2. Open the Facebook application normally, tap the icon represented by “three lines” and go to “See more”;

3. Enter “Avatars” and tap “Next”. If you prefer, on a Messenger conversation screen, on the stickers, you can also find the option to create your avatars;

4. Select a “skin tone” and tap “Next”;

5. Now, customize your avatar by changing your hair, eye color and other details when browsing the available categories. When you’re ready, tap “Done” in the upper right corner of the screen. If you want to see if the avatar looks like you, by touching the “mirror” icon, your selfies camera will open;

6. Wait for your Avatar to be created and tap “Next”. At this point, you have the option of sharing or not creating it in your News Feed.

From that moment, when commenting on a post or on a Messenger conversation, just access the “Stickers” part to find and use your avatar.

Ready! You already know how to create Facebook avatars to get lots of new stickers. At any time, you can also change the look of your Avatar by following the same step by step used to create it.