We all have a plant at home or in the garden, but there are some that can be poisonous or very toxic and that can harm you.


It is a bush of flowers, in yellowish is very common in walls and sidewalks of Brazilian cities, used in medicine for research and other purposes. Because, it has the effect because Gandhi is that the plant can cause an intestinal collapse, can lead to death many horses ingest the vines and end up dying, this plant can also cause a disease called dermatitis.

Chapéu de Napoleão Flor

As it is a few meters high, that is, it is big like Alamanda, its flowers are yellowish in curved style. This is a toxic plant and can cause a lot of damage to anyone who has contact with it.

Ninguém pode comigo


This is a very famous plant here in Brazil. Well, it has the reputation of an energetic plant, but it lives up to its name, both contact with this plant and the ingestion can cause a burning sensation edema, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, it can also cause irritation and damage to the eyes, another plant that also it is absurdly toxic it is a glass of milk from my city it is very common in family homes, just like me-nobody-can, cause all these symptoms.



This is a medium sized native tree, with many bright colors ranging from white to lilac pink. Just as the previous plants are very common on sidewalks and backyards, its beauty, however this plant is toxic and can trigger a rhinitis and asthma crisis, its ingestion, cardiac disorders products, which require emergency care is one of the most toxic plants in the world.

White flower skirt

Esta é talvez a planta mais comum nessa lista, está presente em terrenos baldios e jardins, casas e similares. Esta planta tem um rosto inofensivo. Não se engane, é alucinógeno, se consumido, pode causar ataque cardíaco e alucinações. Além de, é claro, levar a morte, a atenção não se deixe enganar pela beleza de algumas plantas, e sempre lave as mãos adequadamente, assim que você toque em não coque os olhos, muito menos passe-o na boca se você passar por uma situação que envolve intoxicação, mantenha uma planta e vá imediatamente para o hospital.