Coronavirus important: List of cleaning products that can fight the virus

One of the products that nobody cared about became one of the most coveted products in pharmacies across the country. It is the famous alcohol gel, it helps a lot in the hygiene of your hands and eliminates the virus.

Experts say 70% gel alcohol and water are the most effective agents for hand hygiene. However, Chlorine and common alcohol also have their effectiveness in sterilizing hands and objects contaminated by the virus.

Just like other products are important in cleaning and sanitizing your home, such as bleach, disinfectants in general, multipurpose cleaners with chlorine or alcohol, cleaning alcohol, detergent and soap.

We know that our country is on alert, many places have already suspended their activities and others are without any movement. People are increasingly scared and afraid of the disease.

However, this disease is transmitted through a virus, and with hygiene we can prevent this virus from spreading. Keep your hands and home clean up to date so that the virus does not contaminate you and your family.

It’s time to stay calm and seek effective protective measures against the virus, use these cleaning products to clean your home that will surely prevent contamination.

Another very important tip is to avoid leaving the house as much as possible, if it is possible to work at home as a home office it is the most suitable, buy what you need and stock, avoid crowds to the maximum and do not expose yourself to weather conditions that can somehow awaken the flu.

Leave in the comments below, what protective measures you are already taking and what you intend to do in the next two weeks. The estimate is that the situation will become more serious next month.

Share these important tips with all your friends and family so that together we can overcome this terrible pandemic.