If You Pee While Bathing Check This Article Now!

If You Pee While Bathing Check This Article Now!

If You Pee While Bathing Check This Article Now, as this tip is very effective for anyone who wants to be aware of their body’s health. However, do you have a habit of peeing while showering? If so, great. If not, perhaps you should include the habit in your daily routine. Peeing While Bathing is nothing unhygienic and in fact, it is very good for the planet. It is not just the liberating and rebellious adrenaline that you may or may not have, but because this simple attitude can help save our planet.

Let’s look at the situation. Even mathematically speaking it is a simple calculation. Every time you pee, you flush (or at least if you expect it to) in the bathroom. While feces require a considerable amount of water to send to the sewer, urine, however, hardly needs any stimulation for such a trip.

Even though some more modern bathrooms have adapted flushes that consume water as needed, most still do not have this technology, and daily, a lot of water is wasted.

And as we know, water is essential for our life and has been an increasingly scarce resource. Today, there are already thousands of people suffering from a lack of water, and if we continue at this rate, very soon, the number of people without water in the world will increase dramatically.

Saves Water:

A normal adult urinates at least seven times in a day, spending about 49 liters in total discharges. Assuming you take at least one bath a day, in addition to the number of days in a year, it is assumed that you will be able to save a good amount of water.

It’s More Hygienic:

clean the traces of the pee directly with water than with toilet paper. Everybody Does: Although many make a face when they talk about the subject, 80% of people assume they have done it once in their lives. So, what’s the problem?

Can Improve Sex:

When urinating in the shower, the woman strengthens the pelvic muscles, which can contribute to better sexual intercourse.

Helps expel fungi:

Urine has antifungal properties, meaning it can even function as a treatment spa.

Saves time:

By urinating while showering, you can save a few seconds that could be important for other tasks.